Former army huts from Stobs Camp were sold off in the 1920’s and early 1960’s. Possible examples of these wooden and metal huts are now scattered throughout the country.

Here are some possible former Stobs huts and their current locations:

Mansfield Road, Hawick.

Mansfield Road

Ronnie Murray’s Stable.

Cornet’s Stable, Mill Path.


Linhope Farm – our thanks to Edward Beattie

Harwood on Teviot – our thanks to Eileen Davies

Harwood on Teviot 2Harwood on Teviot

Dovecote, Teviothead x 2  – our thanks to John Tullie

Dovecote huts x 2

Steadings Farmhouse, Chesters – our thanks to Rob Hume

Steadings Farm, Chesters



Philiphaugh Farm, Selkirk – our thanks to Mike Willison

Heiton – our thanks to Ross Robertson


Tweed Forum, Drygrange Nursing Home

Craik – our thanks to Jenny Butlin for the information and photos

Craik Craik inside