We are delighted to be able to share a film version of “A Night at Stobs”; a theatrical re-enactment staged in June 2018 at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Hawick.

The objective behind the production of the Lustspielabend (or comedy evening) was to bring the history of First World War internment to life in an accessible yet thought-provoking way. Based on programmes found at Hawick Museum the team developed a backstage play featuring six characters discussing life at the camp. Their dialogue ties together two stage plays: By Ourselves and The Broken Jug.

Theatrical performances like these reveal how important evenings of entertainment were to the internees. Such shows helped them keep busy, both physically and mentally. They highlight the role of humour and escapism as coping mechanisms during internment.

The following film was recorded during dress rehearsals. We hope you enjoy!

We are grateful to Edinburgh Napier University, Aston University, Live Borders and the Arts & Humanities Research Council.

Special thanks to: Iain Davie, Kenneth Dempster, Rachael Durkin, Andrew Frayn, Ian Lowes, Stefan Manz, Susan Martin, Anne Schwan, David Sutherland, Charity Trimm, Olga Tyukova and all the incredible actors & musicians who made it possible.