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Berwickshire News and General Advertiser – Training ground for Volunteers

16 December 1902

On Saturday the Right Hon. St. John Brodrick, Minister for War, inspected the ground at Stobs selected as a military training ground for the troops in Scotland.   The Stobs Estate and the adjoining land for the camp being negotiated from the Duke of Buccleuch, extending to 25,000 acres.   General Hunter has already declared the ground to be suitable for all the requirements of a troop manoeuvring area.  There is extreme reticence on the part of officials at the Scottish Headquarters to commit themselves to any statement regarding the matter, save to confirm that the ground for manoeuvring purposes and for artillery ranges is being secured.   Newspaper speculation that the Stobs Camp announcement leading to the closure of Edinburgh Castle Barracks, as a centre for troops, and of Barry were too premature.  A Hawick newspaper correspondent added that the War Office will erect Barracks on part of Stobs Estate and maintain a permanent garrison there.   Also, that the whole of the Scottish Army Corps will probably encamp at Stobs next summer and that many thousands of men will be in training.  The sum paid for Stobs Castle and the surrounding 3,600 acres was confirmed at £50,000.

The General Officer Commanding in Scotland has stated his intention that, except under exceptional circumstances or for very urgent reasons, all Militia and Volunteers will camp next year on the new Government Stobs camp near Hawick.   It was also added that the organisation of the local brigades of the Sixth Army Corps is being proposed as follows – 31st Brigade, comprising 1st Battalion Black Watch (Edinburgh), 3rd Battalion the Royal Scots, 3rd Battalion KOSB and 9th V.B. (Highlanders) The Royal Scots.  32nd Brigade, comprising Q.R.V. Brigade the Royal Scots, one Battalion 5th V.B. The Royal Scots, 1st Roxburgh and Selkirk Rifle Volunteers, and the 8th V.B. The Royal Scots.   It was confirmed that a total attendance of 300 men at Stobs would constitute a Battalion at the camp.