Lockdown Lecture #2
The Stobsiade – Newspaper of the German Prisoner of War Camp at Stobs in Scotland

Delivered by David Sutherland, Translator.

Introduction – The Stobsiade: Life in Stobs
The Stobsiade is the newspaper which was produced by the prisoners in Stobs Camp. It was sold in the camp and in Germany. The talk gives an introduction to the newspaper, and the insights it gives into the camp’s inhabitants and life in the camp. Although the newspaper was censored, it still conveys a vivid picture of how people coped with being imprisoned and tried to make constructive use of their time behind the barbed wire. Letters written by the prisoners, and a diary kept by one of them, augment the accounts provided in the newspaper.

The talk provides an overview into life in the camp, but now that all the issues of the newspaper are available online in English, it is hoped that it will also encourage people to read the paper and learn more about the world which was Stobs Camp.