We are delighted to announce that translations of “Stobsiade”, the Stobs Camp newspaper published by the civilian internees and later by the prisoners during the First World War, are now available to view on a new dedicated website.

Until recently copies of “Stobsiade” remained largely hidden in the archives and were only accessible to those with a good command of the German language. We hope that readers will now be able to enjoy exploring the pages of this important historical source.

The translations were completed by David and Sheila Sutherland. The website is funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) within a wider project led by Professor Stefan Manz (Aston University Birmingham) and Professor Anne Schwan (Edinburgh Napier University). It is one of the many resources offered by the Internment Research Centre in Hawick.

Click here to access the “Stobsiade” translations.