A ‘faint’ on a route march

A Corporal of ‘Varsity’ Scouts made prisoner by a Corporal of ‘B’ Line Scouts. Q.R.V.B.R.S.

One of the Q.R.V.B.R.S. Iceland ponies for carrying ammunition in the field

A rest on the roadside during a night march by Q.R.V.B.R.S.

Scouts of the Q.R.V.B.R.S. captured by Border Scouts

George Watson’s cadets escorting transport wagon, representing a field gun in action.
Casualties being brought into camp

The Queen’s at the belly-crawl

A charge by the Roxburgh and Selkirk Borderers at Winnington Rig Farm
Maxim Gun of the 4th V.B.R.S. in action – Lieut. A.R. W. Livingstone in command