“Kit-bag” and “Pull-Through”

The “General” cleaning the knives

The Dry-orderlies. Q.R.V.B.R.S.

Men of the Q.R.V.B.R.S. at toilet

Preparing for Hawick

A wet day in camp. Men of Q.R.V.B.R.S. talking politics

Hard lines on the orderlies. Q.R.V.B.R.S.

Cleaning for Sergeants Mess

Q.R.V.B.R.S. Butchers at work

Friends in Q.R.V.B.R.S. camp


From St Stephen’s to Stobs

A Musical Evening – The veteran Volunteer, Colour-Sergeant Fergie, of the Q.R.V.B.R.S., giving a song and dance in the Sergeants’ Mess

Scotty o’ the “Queen’s”
No.4 Queen’s Edinburgh at transport work

A shirt-tail parade
After a route march in the rain

A wrestling match