Borders Youth Theatre present Delving Deep 2018

As part of the commemoration of the end of the First World War the Stobs Camp Project has commissioned Borders Youth Theatre to revive their multimedia performance of “Delving Deep” at Hawick High School on 7th November.

“Delving Deep”, first staged in 2017, is inspired by local poetry written around the time of the First World War. It delves into the past to present a contemporary response and interpretation to these writings, exploring the emotional impact of war on the lives of young people, both then and now. This is a performance piece about loss, grief and shattered dreams, dealing with the subject of war that remains as painfully relevant today as it was a hundred years ago.

Directed by John Haswell, founder of Borders Youth Theatre, the piece engages the young performers and connects them to the past in an exciting and dynamic way. The performance depicts the emotional impact of war on young people. First World War poetry and letters home (all archived by local historians and compiled by the Heritage Hub and the Live Borders Saving and Sharing Project) inspired the creation of pieces of physical theatre combining poetry and music by local musicians providing a soundscape to dance and drama alongside archive photographs.

This production is an exploration of the emotional lives of the people left behind during the First World War, as well as those who went away and then returned. It is a story of love, grief and loss. “Delving Deep” is a story that starts with ‘the war to end all wars’ yet continues to resonate today.

Wednesday 7th November at 7pm
Hawick High School
£7 Adults / £3 Concessions
Tickets available in advance by clicking on