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  • Aerial video

    Aerial video

    Following on from their super aerial images of Stobs Camp Border Archaeology returned and flew a drone over the site and captured this footage of the PoW Camp. It reveals the beautiful scenery around Stobs but also reminds us how isolated and […]

  • Aerial photography

    Aerial photography

    On a clear and sunny day in Autumn 2016 Border Archaeology flew a drone over Stobs Camp and captured many of the PoW camp’s features. They show A camp, B camp, C camp and D camp and the path of the […]

  • Stobs Camp Study Weekend

    Stobs Camp Study Weekend

    On the 18 & 19 June a free study weekend took place in Hawick focusing on Hawick’s German Prisoners and exploring Stobs Internment Camp in it’s global context. This was a fantastic, informative event led by Dr Stefan Manz […]