Aberdeen Evening Express –Ministers Son Objects: Willing to take up Ambulance Work

8 September 1916

A minister’s son argued in Edinburgh Sheriff Court yesterday the question as to whether he was a member of the Reserve. He had been called up under the Military Service Act, and had failed to report.

This was the charge to which William Hutton Marwick pleaded not guilty, his defence being that, while he had not appeared personally, he had sent a letter to the recruiting authorities disputing his liability to serve, and stating that he was willing to appear at a civil court in order that the question might be decided.

His father, the Rev. William Marwick, giving evidence on his behalf, stated that the accused on the outbreak of war was an arts student at Edinburgh University, but had now graduated. He had urged his son to volunteer, but the latter had pleaded conscientious objections. He had undertaken Y.M.C.A. work at Stobs Camp, and had expressed willingness to take up ambitious work in connection with the Society of Friends.

Accused in the course of a long statement declared that the illegal treatment of his case by the Tribunals had invalidated their decision.

Sheriff Guy found the charge proved, imposed the usual fine of £2, and ordered accused to be handed over to the military.