The Berwick Advertiser – Life with the 4th KOSB at Stobs Camp

29 July 1910

After the morning parade had been cancelled due to inclement weather, a route march was held in the forenoon covering ten miles of country.   At 8pm that evening the Battalion was called out to do outpost duty with one half of the Battalion being sent out to attack the camp and the other half to defend.   Hostilities ceased at 10.15.   Friday consisted of cooking on open fires although dampened by heavy rain.   On Saturday, the Battalion paraded under Colonel Murray Threipland followed by a route march of seven miles and a sham flight attacking the Royal Scots Fusiliers on return to camp, witnessed by Colonel Scott-Kerr.   Arriving at the parade ground, the brigade carried out drill under the direction of General Martin.   The Brigade also marched past by Battalions, their respective pipers supplying the music.   Rain again fell heavily on Sunday and the Battalion, over 500 strong, marched to Wilton Parish Church, Hawick, when Captain Rudge Wilson preached the sermon.