The Southern Reporter – Escaped Stobs Prisoners Captured

2 November 1916
Three prisoners of war, all members of the crew of the sunk German cruiser Gneisnau, who escaped from Stobs Internment Camp on Friday night, have been captured — two of them at Rutherglen and the third near Berwick. The two men caught at Rutherglen had walked all the way from Stobs. At Aitkenhead Farm, on the Renfrewshire border, their appearance aroused suspicion, and the police were informed. The men were conveyed to Rutherglen Police Office, and were well treated. They will be removed to the internment camp by an escort at the earliest opportunity. Both are strong, healthy young men. They can speak English fluently.

The third man, Julius Schmidt, a native of Barendorf, was handed over to the police at Spittal on Sunday morning by Seaman John Wilson, R.N.R., who had travelled from Kelso in the same railway compartment. It appears that Schmidt had followed the river Tweed until he reached Kelso and had then entrained for the sea coast. he still wore the regulation grey overcoat, but had succeeded in concealing the blue patches. The prisoner when handed over was found to have 6s in his possession, and had an abundant supply of food packed in a strong wooden box. He knew the Berwick district well, having frequently come to Tweed Dock with ships in the wood-carrying trade.