The Scotsman – Court Martial at Stobs: Trial of two German Prisoners

11 November 1915

A military court was held at Stobs yesterday, at which there were tried the German prisoners of war Gustav Beblein and Alfred Joksch, who made their escape from Stobs Concentration Camp on 26th ult. The former was recaptured at Granton and the latter at Leith Docks. The Court was composed of Major J. M. Hunter, 2/4th Battalion Royal Scots Fusiliers, president, and Captain W. F. Cochrane, 2/4th Battalion K.O.S.B., and Captain A. P. Oliver, 2/4th K.O.S.B. The prosecutor was Lieutenant F. W. Hancock and the interpreter Lieutenant H. W. Farrell. The decision of the Court will be given later.