The Berwick Advertiser – Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders route marches from Stobs

3 June 1910

Four Companies of the Argyle and Sutherland Highlanders who arrived at Stobs camp from Glasgow some weeks ago, commenced a route march in the Border District on Thursday morning, extending over an eight-day period.  One detachment under the command of Major Kirk left camp on the way to Hawick and Selkirk where they arrived on Thursday and stayed during Friday.  The next day they went up Yarrow, remaining until the Sunday.  On return, they will march by way of Walkerburn, Galashiels, Ancrum, returning to Stobs on 2nd June.  Another detachment under Major Darroch left Stobs for Denholm.  On Friday they proceeded to Ladykirk and on Saturday to Branxton where they stayed over to Sunday. On Monday they proceeded to Kelso and the next day to Ravenswood.  They pitched camp at various places; and generally, the idea is to see how they can look after themselves while tracking about.