news; newspaper; article; paperPeebleshire Advertiser – Alien Prisoners of War in Redford Barracks to move to England and to Stobs Camp

7 November 1914

Alien Prisoners of War recently arrested in Peebles and interned at Redford Barracks with other prisoners, have been living in tents erected in the grounds. A final round up of enemy aliens added further to the number interned and during October the total number was c. 1,400 prisoners of war at Redford. At various times, batches of prisoners are sent south to other detention camps. It is expected that Redford would be clear of prisoners having been destined for various camps in England and at Stobs, where wooden huts are being built for their reception. Redford will cease to be a detention camp and any other further prisoners will be taken to Edinburgh Castle pending transfer to detention camps.