The Berwick Advertiser – 4th KOSB on manoeuvres

5 August 1910

Argyles, King’s Own Scottish Borderers [KOSB], Royal Scots Fusiliers and a detachment of mounted scouts, in addition to transports, ambulance waggons, etc, arrived at Stobs about midday, with men settling down to their usual routine getting their beds and blankets aired, etc.  The next day the men were busy having been told that Hon. Colonel Sir Richard Waldie-Griffith was to inspect the Battalion during the afternoon.   Sir Richard arrived with many guest officers, prominent among them being Col. Charles Hope of Cowdenknowes, late commanding officer of the Second Voluntary Battalion, KOSB.   The march past was performed under adverse weather conditions.   Colonel Sir R Waldie-Griffith, who was accompanied by General Martin, the Brigadier, addressed the men after which sporting activities were held.  Many soldiers visited Hawick on Saturday evening.  Tents were struck on Sunday and Battalion left in the afternoon.